I was looking for a certain lush photo to post on this anomaly of a day, a Buddhist temple nestled on the banks of the Beijing River, something pretty and a little exotic.  Instead I went digging in the folder I’d called “Unidentified Villages”, and found her.  Something about her gaze.  Something strong, yet peaceful, as if those two fingers mean more than just a gesture.  Imploring, quiet, resolute.  I was even going to crop it further until I noticed the boy’s t-shirt behind her.  True, beautiful children make easy subjects, this could be a poster for any number of peace or humanitarian organizations.  Maybe that’s why I left these alone, this visit to a school in what I seem to recall was Kind Father Village.  But children can speak volumes with intense, small looks and unspoken pleas for the future and she shouldn’t be ignored. 

Happy Leap Day everyone.  It’s a big world out there.