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Passing ship on the Bei Jiang River, a tributary of the Pearl River.  The woman on the boat ducked down when I tried to take her picture as the boat passed.  China.  May, 2006.



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I’m in the middle of re-editing the video for my China photo book Kickstarter project. That’s a sentence I kind of want to slap myself for uttering.  Yet, as I sift through hundreds of unseen images, I think this is … Continue reading


Sometimes the ache to return is almost unbearable.  But you can’t go back, only forward, possibly returning at a different angle, never re-creating.  Creating, it’s something I need to do more of.  This 9-5, this compound life, these things are slow ruin.

This is the bedroom of the couple who let Avy and I stay in their home in Yao Village, a small community north of Guangzhou (?), China.  I meant to paint it someday, but it may be fine just as it is.