New Awts Happenings

A more substantial post is coming, as I realize that Facebook has stolen the good bits.  But for now, I feel I need to update the three people that read this on my AWT ADVENTURES.First of all, I was interviewed!  Many thanks to Keith A. Stevenson for admiring my work enough to give me some exposure and pose some thoughtful questions.

Second, I was approached by Ulysses Press regarding photo usage for an upcoming cookbook called, “A Taste of Treme”.  Of course, since this contact was made through Flickr scavenging, it should be said that it is unpaid (it’s unpaid).  In light of model releases, this is an okay situation and will be the last time I do things for “free”.  The photos might not even be used anyway and if they are, I get a couple copies of the book.  The OTHER reason I agreed to this (after days of hemming and hawing) is that the author is a native.  And considering the outsider/carpetbagger b.s. that sometimes goes on down here, I thought that was important.  Let it be known that I do not condone this newish trend of scouring photo sharing sites for free material, even with consent.  There are so many photographers/fauxtographers these days that the compliment of being asked is often seen as payment in full.  As an artistic acquaintance rightly put it, not asking for money for your work just makes it harder for the rest of us.  True that.  But in light of legality and “proper releases”, I decided to let this one slide.  I did lose some sleep over it though.  Ohhh the modern world of artistry.

Third, I have entered three images in Wacom Imaging’s After Capture (ugh, that word) contest.  I would love, love, love a Cintiq (who wouldn’t?).  I, admittedly, have an Intuos4, but the disconnect of pen, tablet, and monitor leaves me fumbling.  If you feel so inclined, please vote here!

Ferth!  The Billboard Art Project is a favorite thing of mine.  I have been participating in a few of the shows, and most recently, the Detroit/Utica version.  You can see my entries for this show here.  They are a little dark, so I plan on uploading the originals to my own Flickr page soon.

1 of 11 images for Detroit Billboard Art Project

I was also selected for a curated portion of this particular show called, “Cheap Coffee & Beef Jerky”.  You can view the interview with curator Derek Coté, below.  My piece comes up at 6:57.  It makes me sort of giddy when someone “gets it” without explanation.


Sad little swamp tour. Jean Lafitte. 2011.
Holga/color-processed b/w.

THE OGDEN!!!1  Yes, the Ogden.  This bit of news is the most exciting news I’ve had in years.  The Ogden Museum of Southern Art has chosen one of my photos (see above) for their upcoming “Louisiana Contemporary” exhibit, opening August 4th for White Linen Night.  This night is a big night for attendance and will be coinciding with a number of Ogden and fellow gallery openings.  It has been a longtime goal of mine to have a piece in this museum, because I respect and admire what it does and the work it showcases.  So excited I may even do this:  😀  The Ogden is located at 925 Camp Street and the opening is from 6-9pm on August 4th, 2012.

Also in August, I will be participating in the Cool Off Comedy & Art Festival at the La Nuit Comedy Theater and Alamo Underground on Freret.  From 10am to about 5pm on August 19th, I will be hawking (not Stephen) my more comedic wares in a comfortable a/c and booze environment, both things important for New Orleans in August.  Look forward to bacon and donut paintings, Drunk Bunny, Voodoo Chicken, pensive seafaring bears on lakes, Photoshopped cats, and maybe even a “blue” section.  Oh my!  The Facebook event is here, if you’re into “joining” things.

More upcoming entries to be excited about, should I be able to come up with the entry fees (unlikely!  and boy do I need a new external.  plum filled up the one I got.)  That said, more developments on the Etsy front coming soon, I’m sure.  I do take (paid) commissions and print orders for any piece you see on my website (now running at 2003 levels!) or FlickrYou can subscribe to my newsletter here.