Obligatory End-of-year Update

I’ve decided, admittedly after not much speculation, to spend New Year’s Eve at home.  Nothing else felt, “right”.  I’ve been gone for six days, surrounded by other energies, and yes, love, but there is peace here.  I will ring in the New Year with baked pasta and port, with either Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men, or North by Northwest.  Me and my cat, listening to the chilled rain and distant boom boom boom, with the Christmas tree lit up once more.  In the parlance of our times, I’m doing me.  You do you.  I’m doing me.  Anything else feels forced, this headlong mad dash towards manufactured elevation that I cannot partake in this year.  In essence, yes, I’m not “feeling it”.  I’m feeling this, feeling my own truth, that my body can’t handle these year ending levels of alcohol, especially in New Orleans, that I’m not ok with feeling not ok tomorrow, that stress, any kind of stress, just aggravates any symptom anyway.  No pity party this, I wear the serene smile of low doses of red wine and comfortable pants.

And, tomorrow, I will rise, make some fantastic coffee and maybe have a waffle, read, maybe practice my Chinese (got my new calligraphy practice sheets), go to yoga, do my Seva service, then sound bath and Thai yoga.  And then, and then….364 and a half more days of possibilities.  I’m convinced this is more “right”, for me.  To begin this year quiet and reflective (disregarding the two Jagermeister shots I’ve had, because I’m weird and I like it).  To focus on my body, mind, and spirit, as pleasantly quaint and far-reaching as that sounds.  I’m not pushing it, not forcing it, but doing what’s right for me, so I can do what is right for others.  (And besides, Chinese New Year isn’t until January 31st. ha!)

Have a blessed and joyous end of 2013.  Be safe, be sound, and see you next year…

2013-12-25 16.19.42

This is my niece, pulling my great nephew and great niece, and my sister walking behind.


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